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Alternative Electricity Providers

The Illinois Electric Service Customer Choice and Rate Relief Law of 1997 deregulated electric service industry in the state.  According to the Illinois Policy Institute “Getting electricity to a home or business requires three steps:

1.  generating the power - known as electricity supply
2.  transmitting that power from the generation facility to the local distribution system
3.  distributing the power to local businesses and homes”

Prior to the deregulation, either ComEd or Ameren provided all of the three services. Following the deregulation, consumers may shop the supply portion of their electric bill from various providers.

There are no changes to the way the electricity is delivered.  Consumers who choose an alternate electric provider still have their power delivered by ComEd or Ameren.  Customers will continue to contact each respective company to report any outages. Consumers may choose to receive either a single bill from their utility company for delivery and energy supply services; or may choose to receive separate bills: one for supply service and the other for delivery.

If you have any questions regarding purchasing electricity from alternative providers, please Contact us.  One of our specialists will be happy  to assist you.

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