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Home Accent (Outdoor)

Outdoor accent lighting can help transform ordinary driveway, pergolas or exterior of the house into extraordinary landscape and provide a tranquil appearance to any residence.  Highlighting key architectural features of the home provide the visual interest to the property.  Layering outdoor lighting, such as using taller posts at the entry and lower fixtures near walkway path, make the home exterior appear more dramatic. Exterior lights can set the tone for in home decor or a cheerful backdrop for outdoor entertaining.

There are varieties of outdoor accent lights to choose from:
  • Automated photo cell – lighting systems that automatically turn on/off when sun rises or sets.  
  • Low voltage lights are energy efficient and provide an excellent source of lighting.  
  • Solar lights – Eco-friendly lights that do not contain mercury and are energy efficient saving on operating costs.

Our team of lighting specialists can assist in designing appropriate illumination system and choosing fixtures that not only serve as a lighting source but complement and blend in with their surroundings.  We look forward to an opportunity to provide our expertise and superior quality electrical services to serve your outdoor lighting needs

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